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Brilliant Tricks for a Perfectly Organised Home

Start with the importance of a well-organised home for a stress-free life.

Emphasise the connection between cleanliness and mental well-being.

Strategies for tidying up

Tips for effectively tidying up different areas of your home.

How to decide what to keep, donate or discard.

Room-by-room organisation

Break down organisation tips for each room.

Specific tips for optimising storage in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc.

Use storage solutions

Demonstrates creative storage solutions.

How to make the most of baskets, shelves and other organisational tools.

Cleaning routines

Link the idea of organisation with regular cleaning routines.

Create a schedule for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks.

Incorporation of Feng Shui

Brief introduction to the principles of Feng Shui for home organisation.

Tips for arranging furniture and decorations in a way that allows positive energy to flow.

Sustainable organisation

Encourage environmentally friendly organisational practices.

Choose environmentally friendly storage solutions and reduce waste.



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